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​Hypnotherapy is a tool that helps you tap into the resources of your subconscious, giving you access to insights, spiritual guidance, creative problem solving, behavior-repatterning, and other natural abilities of your subconscious mind.  Hypnotherapy topics include creative inspiration, Chakra balancing, coping, emotional clearing, phobias, habit repatterning, health and healing support, pain management, motivation, life-path exploration, performance improvement, personal and spiritual growth and insights, self-image, sleep, stress, study habits, weight loss, writer’s block, and much more. ​

​I am a Reiki master and teacher. I also offer Reiki treatments via teletherapy. Reiki is a subtle energy method and can be done at a distance as well as in person. Reiki may be focused on complementing other emotional, spiritual, and physical modalities; bringing a sense of peace and relaxation; pain management; releasing subtle energy blocks; allowing inspirations and positive thinking to flow; Chakra balancing; among other things. 

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I work with adults aged 21 years and older. In our first session, I usually begin by discussing your client information form with you. I want to understand your history relating to your hypnotherapy or Reiki goals and whatever else you feel is significant to share regarding reaching your goals. If you are seeking hypnotherapy, I do a brief suggestibility exercise with you, which gives me a sense of how you respond to hypnosis techniques. Also, I share general information with you about hypnosis and Reiki, as well as answer any questions you have. We work together to address mental, emotional, physical, and/or spiritual aspects of your goals. This type of therapy involves a collaborative process that moves forward when you are comfortable and ready.​ 

Currently, due to differences in requirements from state to state regarding hypnotherapy, I work with clients in states that are unregulated in this regard, which is the majority. However, for now, this excludes California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Illinois, New Jersey, Texas, Utah, and Washington. 

Hypnotherapy and Reiki are alternative complementary therapies. They are not substitutes for conventional mental health or medical services. Neither hypnotherapy nor Reiki are intended to identify, diagnose, or treat mental or physical disorders. If either of us recognizes that you may be experiencing a serious health issue that is not being treated, I ask that you seek the advice of a licensed mental health professional and/or physician. We work as equals. For example, as a hypnotist, I provide an understanding of the mind and subconscious dynamics; and you provide expertise about your life, mind, body, and goals. Your success in reaching your goals depends on proactively applying the tools you learn and the insights you gain.

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