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Subtle Energy Medicine helps YOU:

   • Activate Your Self-Healing Powers

    • Trust Your Natural Intuition

    • Encourage Your Spiritual Talents

    • Live Your Life Passionately

Subtle Energy Medicine Goals

•  Healing Radiantly

Improve your health with the 7 Chakra Color Ray system by directing and clearing subtle energies for vitality and personal empowerment.


•  Protecting Naturally

Identify unwanted negative energy and clear it so you can have more life-force energy flowing freely.


•. Releasing Gladly

Clear energetic thought forms that no longer serve you (or maybe don't belong to you) to uncover you and what you're here to do.


•. Connecting Soulfully

Awaken your intuition to discover ways of communicating spiritually so you can connect with the subtle worlds.


•. Living Joyfully

Unlock your talents so you can manifest greater health, joy, abundance opportunities, relationships, and so much more!


Subtle energy realms are influencing your life every moment. Working with you subtle energy fields improves health and wellbeing. You'll be amazed at the differences in your daily life.


For the past 36 years, I’ve been working professionally as a Medical Intuitive focusing on subtle energy medicine.  My journeys have brought me to healers, medicine women and men, shamans, spiritual guides, inventors, scientists, and many other progressive thinkers in the health care world. From my experiences and training, I know and understand that true deep healing involves working with your subtle energies for lasting changes and improvements. 


Philinda created The Wellness Program of Subtle Energy Therapies and  Affirmations in 2004 and co-created the Step Up Your Health Lifestyle Program in 2018. She also works with her daughter, Dr Kayla Sumberg, NMD at their medical clinic, Nature Cure Solutions.

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