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Remote Holistic Therapy Team

Are you ready to

reset your life?

  • Improve your relationship with yourself and others

  • Manage your anxiety and/or depression holistically

  • Balance your Body-Mind-Spirit and thrive

  • Enjoy yourself and live with passion


Our healing work addresses physical, mental, and spiritual concerns. We are about helping you to heal past wounds, transform harmful thoughts, and restore balance and harmony in your life. We have the tools for you to make positive life changes. Let us show you how you can take charge and reset your life!

We are a HIPAA-compliant team. We provide sessions via teletherapy and in-person when able.

We're excited to introduce you to our therapy team. 

Holistic Integrative Care Complementary Modalities 

We have come together because we believe a good provider knows when the client may need additional support. We understand how our different modalities may be integrated to achieve the best care and healing outcome.

You have a choice. We offer three distinct modalities, provided individually or in combination, depending on what you desire or what we believe is recommended. We all have the same goal to heal the whole person - YOU.  

Magon Kinzie, Hypnothterapist and Reiki Master

Certified Hypnotist
and Reiki Master 

"I believe the subconscious mind can be a great resource for guidance, insight, and support to reach our personal goals." 




Psychotherapist, MSW, LCSW

"I absolutely enjoy working with individuals to make positive changes in their lives."


Medical Intuitive and

Subtle Energy Medicine Practitioner

"I believe you have the power to transform yourself and live a fulfilled life with passion and purpose."

Your Wellness Team

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